Movie nights return!

SUBB returned to The Regent with two fantastic nights of Music from the Movies. Superbly led by James stead and his cast of sharks, kings of the jungle, mafia bosses and many others the band made the people of Christchurch swoon with excitement.

One audience member was heard to remark during the interval – wow that is a 20/10 (thank you we will take that)!

The program included John Williams, Blues Brothers, The Godfather, a selection of Spaghetti westerns (never thought I would hear a Big Band play those).

We loved it – so did the audience member who remarked, you guys have so much fun on the stage!

You guys have so much fun on the stage

Thank you Christchurch!

We will be back on 13th November for our Remembrance concert, but you can see us next playing with the glorious backdrop of Salisbury Cathedral on 28th August and then again on 4th September at Highcliffe Castle.

That is a 20/10 thank you!

James and Patrick do the Blues Brothers
James and Patrick do the Blues Brothers

We will be back for more Movies fun next year.

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